At Lighthouse FS&Q you can count on our team to prvide you with the best information, so that you can make the best possible decisions.

Lighthouse FS&Q can provide you the consulting you need to remain compliant with all regulatory and non-regulatory client based requirements.

What We Do

We work with your team whether the interest is compliance or continuous improvement.

We consult with international, national and local clients to provide them the necessary information to drive continuous improvement of their operations, whether related to growing, harvesting, packing, storage, or sanitation.

  • FSMA Lead Instructors
  • Agriculture Food Safety Professionals
  • Organic Consultants
  • Field Food Safety Risk Assessments
  • Facility Sanitation
  • Farm & Grower Food Safety Evaluation

Lighthouse FS&Q consulting can help with the following:

Understanding and responding to your needs from planting through harvest, field packing, and transport.

- Our Strategy

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We are here to help you every step of the way with as little or as much guidance you may need. Please call or email us with any questions, or to receive a quote.

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