Our Services

At Lighthouse FS & Q we provide our clients with the necessary food safety and quality services that include education and training, assessments, consulting, and sanitation services required by FSMA and your clients.

You can always count on the Lighthouse FS&Q team to provide you with the best information, so that you feel confident to make the best decisions.

Our Service Benefits

Food Industry Experienced Professionals

We help guide you every step of the way.

FSMA Lead Instructors

Qualified and experienced professionals when you need the best.

Education & Training Courses

We offer a variety of courses tailored to to your business needs.

Facility Assessment Counsulting

Assisting clients with regulatory changes and continuous improvement.

Agricultural Food Safety

For growing, harvesting, packing, cooling, and packinghouses.

Sanitation Consulting

Sanitation experts are available for food producers, and businesses for Covid-19.

Audit Preparation

We make sure you are prepared before audits are performed.

Food Safety & Quality Manual Development

A must have if you are a producer. Let us help you put it all together.

and more...

Because our clients count! We want to provide you the best advice possible from industry food safety & quality professionals.
All your questions are important. Please feel free to contact us.
Need to find, locate, or schedule the right sanitation personal. Want to schedule an audit or assessment and be able to recall the information if needed. Our Sanitation and Assessment Apps are "Coming Soon".
Our new SANITATION WORKPLACE service is here to help government and state agencies keep their workspace properly sanitized using the right equipment and following all CDC guildlines.
For more information call (831) 295-2741 to set up a consultation appointment.

Lighthouse FS & Q
Sanitation and Assessment Apps

Need to find and locate, or schedule the right "Sanitation Personnel? Are you a "Food Producer" that wants to schedule and keep track of all your audits and assessments in real time?

Our new Apps will help our clients find and locate qualified sanitation personnel by location, so that you know you have the right people on hand to protect your investment.

Need to schedule or monitor all your Assessments. Try our Lighthouse AAA App (Audit And Assessment) to make sure you are constantly up to date with archive capability. We'll include online assessment forms that can be customized and tailored to your client or production needs and client messaging to communicate to your team. Make keeping track of your audits and assessments easier and worry free.