Lighthouse Sanitation understands it's been a tough year for all businesses!

As Schools and Businesses prepare to reopen deep cleaning is more crucial than ever. Lighthouse Sanitation is poised to take care of your COVID-19 deep cleaning needs. We are also able to design a periodic cleaning plan to keep space safe.

Lighthouse Sanitation is the Central Coast & Bay Area’s Premier Sanitation Firm specializing and providing direct COVID-19 Crisis Response & Prevention to the workplace. If your workplace has been exposed to COVID-19, Lighthouse Sanitation will get your business back in operating order quickly and safely.

Our Standard COVID-19 cleaning is designed to exceed the CDC/EPA Guidance. Lighthouse Sanitation has the expertise and equipment to disinfect your business. Our licensed and certified team will eliminate the presence of COVID-19 contamination from your workplace.

Behind the scenes

Our Strategy

Step 1 - Understanding The Problem
We can help you determine the best course of action based on our experitise and experienced "Sanitation Workplace" consultants.

Step 2 - Workplace Action Plan
We break down all the important parts of what your business needs to keep the workplace safe for your employees and to operate based on CDC guildlines by providing your business the best course of action through our "Sanitation Workplace" consultants evaluation and survey plan.

Step 3 - Problem Solved
After we sanitize your workplace our "Sanitation Workplace" consultant will outline all manditory action items moving forward and a "to do lists" to meet all CDC Covid-19 guidelines required to keep your business running on a monthly basis.

Enhanced COVID-19 Workplace Sanitation Offerings

  • Air Recharge / UV Filtration
  • HVAC Duct Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning Carpet
  • Lab Testing to Verify and Document
  • Equipment Controls Rental
  • Design Build Filtration Systems

Lighthouse’s COVID-19 Workplace Compliance Plan & Implementation services will keep your business running.

Our COVID-19 Workplace Compliance Plan includes:

Lighthouse will assess your workspace, and document recommendations for any needed operational improvements.

Lighthouse "Sanitation Workplace" is committed to providing our clients the necessary documents when it comes to COVID-19. Feel free to download our Covid-19 guidance documents to keep your employees and your business informaed and safe.

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We are here to help you every step of the way when it comes to your sanitation workplace needs. Please call or email us with any questions, or to receive a quote.

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